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Server boost if needed
I didn't boost the server this week for the weekly boost of 25$ just in case your wondering why it's not full... damn euro's keep goin up, but anyhow , I've dumped a grand into this server the past 4 months, if you want to boost this joint for a couple hours here's the link paste the ip it's 1.20 Euro's for a boost of 2 hours roughly which comes out to Funding Source: -$1.46 USD - PayPal Account, I'll do some this week if i see it needs a kickstart, And i'm not on 24/7 to kick players at night so make friends with other admins so they can kick a nonsteamer or 400 plus pinger so you can join game. R0ger r0Dger. ninja
[Image: 1_101.png]

The owner told me this. hello
boost lasts until your server is pushed out of that boosted list. So every server who boosts after you, moves your server one place down, until 70 I think then you are out. Depends on a part of day, boost can last 2-10 hours

So this is if you boost for an hour puts our Ip at the top of the cswarzone or whatever nonsteamers lists they have for servers. Free tMI pooheads asshake
[Image: 1_101.png]

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