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Ok Guys just to get some things perfected here's whats up.
So the Autosnipes are now Set at GLOCK Damage, allthough a glock still shoots slower, obviously
Still raised the price on the Auto's for spoo giggity
hegrenade_price "2000"
flashbang_price "3000"
smokegrenade_price "6000"
sg550_price "9000"
sg552_price "9000"
shield_price "6000"
Here's whats going on with the Grenades
All grenades smokes/flashes/HEnades can be shot on the ground and also Naded/Knifed
Your kills are registered as a kill if you kill an enemy and same with suicide if you kill yourself.
If you press the letter "i" and your holding a ggrenades if you bought one you will explode and
if an enemy is near you will recieve the kill, but also a suicide.

The Wooden Shield
It is a breakable, it's still pretty strong it can handle around 31 colt bullets or 10 awp shots
There is a Health meter type hud thing at the bottom that shows damage each time it's shot.

There are around 20 different colors for nightvision when you type /nv
The benefit of using these goggles is so you will NOT see Flashes thrown.
It was kind of a secret for a while, but I wanted you dudes to play with them.
ALL ADMINS will not be limited to buying items, Getting a plugin created that gives admins 40k plus each round.
Your donations help me pay for everything amazing in the server, so Thank you & cheers
[Image: 1_101.png]

UPDATED awp is now 13,000 and auto's are g3sg1_price "16000"
sg552_price "16000"
Also we blocked out Malaysian players from the server, to many aimbots/walls
We do have an admin that has steam in malaysia our good Buddy Nutella he's good to join.
VIA steam ID injected to plugin. Smile
[Image: 1_101.png]

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