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Once again more complaints on too many awps in the server, many people on Aztec say poo like KNIFE only on bridge, well thats fuckin Shtooopid. "Yeah Recoil your dumb", or Aztec is CT sided, who cares find a couple Tards to Rush with, So what would be a good price on the awp? The current price is $4750 plus $125 for a magazine. So around 5k. Every player except admins currently get 16k per round. I know if we raised the price on the awp some players may try to find one too keep for the next round or not even want to buy an awp if it's 10k, since they won't be able to buy flashbangs,smokes,grenades with the inflation of prices on the nades hegrenade_price "2000"
flashbang_price "3000"
smokegrenade_price "6000"
g3sg1_price "9000"
sg552_price "9000"
shield_price "3000"
So an awp with bullets and a smoke ggrenade would max out his mcash for that round if an awp was roughly 9,825$. and he couldn't buy any armor. So Shoot Ideas. Big Grin
Does an awper deserve to have armour and helmut?
[Image: 1_101.png]

AWPS are not some OP golden gun in the game. They can be defeated with smokes, flashes, a good rush, etc. I'm not particularly good with them and I get killed by them a lot, but I wouldn't want restrictions on them. The autosniper was way overpowered, and I think a lot of the people complaining about the AWP now are upset that they can't just hold left click and get easy (spam) kills all day. I don't see aztec as a CT sided map, either. The problem on a lot of the bomb maps is that there's very little, if any coordination or teamwork on the T side, and a defensive position will usually win against an offensive one.

The only thing I can think to complain about now that autos are nerfed, is the carryable amount of nades. I like the standard 1 HE, 2 flash, 1 smoke better.
Yo All, Thanks for the invite too CSD, I love this Shit.  AWPs are a part of the game I understand this. I do consider the AWP my best weapon, do I choose it often.. NO. SO when I say we should restrict the AWP some how, its for the fun of the game, I am not complaining. I have seen alot of AWP action from time to time on CSD and think limiting to two AWPs per team is a good move, I havent thought to deep into the restrictions but would love to hear further Ideas. WEED
Smokes are 6 grand smash lol, I figured that would limit the smokes in game, i think it has, and Masta shake around 20 people haven't told me about the awps the past few months this boats been afloat. I'll up the price a bit and see if anybody stops by to see what happened instead of ask in game WTF, I'll put the awp price at 8k, Thanks for the feedback guys.
[Image: 1_101.png]

Last time I checked the first nade type you buy is expensive, but the subsequent nades are normal price
Thanks for the reminder I had forgot about that.
[Image: 1_101.png]
Big Grin 
start getting a loan from chase bank for thoes autos

My 2 cents on this issue:
1. The Nade price change was a great Idea. It now makes players form some sort of strategy when it comes to buying nades. Do I sacrifice my 2nd hegren for a smoke? Do I forget the smoke altogether and buy the maximum amount of flashbangs?
2. Aside from the nade price, I don't want other prices to change. Regarding the AWP, it's part of the game. They're not even that OP. Now that the shield is weaker, I get killed by AWP more times than I can count and you don't hear me complaining about it. Some people are just better than you when using AWP and asking CSD to limit them in the server won't make you any better of a player. But if the price change does push through, my suggestion would be that with the max amount of cash you have you will be able to buy the awp, a mag, and a vest (At least give them body armor lol).
3. Regarding Aztec map, in a pub server, it does seem like de_aztec would be CT sided since coordination is kinda needed when Ts have to rush mid doors. And most of the time that's a problem coz some T's prefer to hide in boxes and run around in their base. But I've seen many times before, how it takes only 2 or 3 good rushers in DD to break CTs defense. css_aztec, on the other hand, is a different story. This map is heavily T sided. They have 4 entry points now as compared to 3. And if they rush just even 2 of the 4 entry points, CTs are basically fucked. Lastly, that bridge stuff is lols. Much like mid of dust_2, the bridge in aztec is meant for awp fights and good strategy for you to take it. It's what makes these maps good coz you just don't press w and start shooting. You have to think before you act.
4. If you do want to experiment on AWP limits, I suggest you do it on certain maps and not all of them (if that's possible). Limiting AWPs to 2 per team in maps like dust2storm, dust2night, italy would result to more head on confrontations rather than one guy hits another guy from miles away and will, in theory, make for better gameplay and more opportunity for hilarious moments like KNIFE kills and double grenade kills. What I'm trying to say is to limit AWPs on a few maps that will result in more fun and active encounters.
5. The great thing about CSD is that everything is on the table for us to use when it comes to equips and weapons. It gives us the freedom and opportunity to choose from all the items CS had made for players to use. Don't get me wrong, I'd also be glad if there are fewer AWPs. It gives me more chances to rush. But then it won't be as much fun or challenging imo. For example, as a CT in dust2, there's always that wariness when you rush tunnels that a T AWPer would be waiting for you outside. That level of trepidation would force you to think of your options before proceeding. It's lessened if you are aware that there may be one or no AWPers waiting for you at all and you can just go gung-ho and apepoo.
P.S. I'm glad that issues like these are talked about and discussed. You won't get anything like this on another server where the admins would just lord over everyone and basically force everyone to agree to their whims. Cool
Holy Crap Gordon Great BOOKExclamationExclamationExclamation Thanks for this, Well admins don't have a problem buying everything each round, You got me thinking to let terrorists buy shields on the aztec maps would be a Cool plugin, I could see 5 terrorists with shields rushing the bridge would be interesting/Awesome to see, Broken shields being dumped on players head in the water, Nice, So after a server restart tonight or whenever you'll notice the price of the awp went up to 13k
hegrenade_price "2000"
flashbang_price "3000"
smokegrenade_price "6000"
awp_price "13000"
g3sg1_price "16000"
sg552_price "16000"
shield_price "3000"
I figured more people would try to save an awp from last round or not be able to get everything they usually buy when they get an awp, some kind of crutch. The auto prices went up also, but the reasoning this is because i raised the damage back up to 20 instead of 10 which was the same as a glock shot. So we'll see how this turns out over a few days or so. This is the only way to see from everyone complaining or everyone agreeing.
[Image: 1_101.png]

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